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5 Fall Beauty and Makeup Trends To Watch

With autumn in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, 2022 might be flying by, but the good news is that there’s still time to get in on a few of the year’s most fun and fashionable beauty trends. This year has brought about some exciting shifts, as social media and street fashion have begun to really define what’s in style and what consumers want to see in the future.

Now more than ever, beauty is about being authentic and putting your own spin on the latest looks. So to help you get started, we’re recapping a few of the year’s hottest trends to draw inspiration from:

Trend #1: Statement Brows Abound

Some experts are calling 2022 “The Year of The Brow” but rather than being about any specific trend, the overarching theme seems to be any style that draws more attention to the browline. From bleached brows, to painted lines, fluffy, and even “feral” brows – featuring a full and messy look – just about anything goes. In other words, if you’ve been looking to get out of your comfort zone and try something new with your brows, now is a perfect time to feel emboldened and get experimental.

Trend #2: All Things 90s-Inspired

For anyone who grew up in the 90s, many of today’s popular makeup trends might be looking a little familiar right about now. We’re seeing a resurgence of not only 90s makeup colors - such as berry, coral, bronze, and velvety brown - but also some of the decade's most iconic techniques. That’s right - smokey eye liner, grunge glam, pops of neon, and goth lipstick are all making a comeback this season.

Trend #3: Bedazzled, Embellished, and Ornamental

Everyday opulence? Yes please! On both the runway and red carpet, celebrities and influencers have been taking their makeup to the next level with touches that include rhinestones, pearls, crystals, and even faux piercings, in elaborate patterns and designs. Gem-infused eye looks are a fun way to add definition and a little drama to any look. Or if you’re feeling like you prefer a more subtle approach, just one or two jewels added to the corners of the eyes is all you need.

Trend #4: The Return of The Red Lip

Lipstick lovers might argue that a good red never goes out of style, but this year especially, the bold red statement lip is right on trend. Some current iterations to consider trying include your favorite red layered with gloss for the “vinyl lips” look, or the “blurred” lip technique that entails smudging your edges and allowing makeup to look more lived in.

Trend #5: Skincare Meets Makeup Hybrid Methods

On platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the beauty community has increasingly been embracing the idea that skincare is the best foundation, giving way to trends like the “glass skin” or “glazed skin” look. However, as a way to enjoy the best of both minimalism and glam at the same time, a new trend is to combine simple skin tints or sheer foundations with bold eye makeup and/or colorful statement lips.

With Love,

Your Lipstick Famous Team