I’m Jamella, the founder and creator of Lipstick Famous a lifestyle brand created to fulfill a women's desire for luxury and purposeful living aligned with God's will. 

As a woman of influence, it is my desire to change the life of every woman I encounter. My pour comes in many forms, sometimes it looks like a word of encouragement and other times it looks like a gift intentionally chosen just for you. 

At Lipstick Famous we believe small moments can yield big results that ultimately lead to true transformation. Which is what I want you to feel when using our products. 

Feeling pampered has always been my jam and as long as I can remember that feeling came when I swiped my lips with the mauve lipstick that I snuck from my grandmother’s bathroom. As I grew older so did my love for lipstick – no shade was off limits. But over time I noticed that I didn’t see myself being reflected in the beauty advertisements that I saw on television and in the store. 

Fast forward to today, my passion for lipstick has grown exponentially which inspired me to move from the role of consumer to producer. So, in May 2022, my blend of business know-how, passion and vision came together enabling me to launch my very own brand. 

Lipstick Famous offers an array of shades that cater to everyone, ensuring inclusivity. Our luxuriously hydrating and moisturizing formulas are specifically designed to deliver a flawless finish so as you can see every product, shade and formula were crafted with you in mind. 

We even offer supportive products such as balms, lip oils and scrubs to create the ultimate lip care experience.

The brand is always expanding and looking for new ways to give you the most luxurious experience so stick around for the ride because we’re going places. 

With Lipstick & Love


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