I’m Jamella, the creator of Lipstick Famous Beauty Brand!

As long as I can remember I have always loved makeup. Some of my earliest and fondest memories were sneaking in the bathroom sampling my grandmother’s mauve colored lipstick. However, I as grew older I noticed that I didn’t see myself being reflected in the beauty ads and campaigns that I saw on television and in the store.

Fast forward to today, my passion for makeup specifically lipstick has grown exponentially so I was inspired to move from the role of
consumer to producer. I began leveraging my expertise to create a more inclusive line of cosmetics. In May of 2022, I brought my vision to life, and launched my very own Chicago-based lipstick brand.

At Lipstick Famous, you’ll find a range of shades made for everyone. The intention behind our brand is to give back to our communities by offering the best possible quality products on the market. They’re designed to be luxuriously hydrating and moisturizing matte formulas, which feature their own unique built-in-primer effect that deliver a flawless finish. Additionally, because the lipsticks were personally designed by me with the support of a cosmetic chemist every shade has a story. We even offer supportive products such as balms and scrubs, in order to create the ultimate lip care experience.

Going forward, we can’t wait to introduce you to our incredible formulas, stunning shades, and even more amazing products to come in the future because we believe the right shade of lipstick is transformational.

Thank you for supporting Lipstick Famous. We’re proud to represent you!

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